Finding special places

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Growing up in Australia, my family had a special holiday place. It was my grandparents’ home on the far north coast of New South Wales. Sugar-cane country by the Clarence River, not far from the coast. The main thing that made it special was the fact that  my grandparents were there at the end of our long journey from Sydney, waiting with hugs and lots of baked goodies in the freezer.

In recent years, my parents discovered a colourful weatherboard shack off the beaten track on New South Wales south coast. It has now become my ‘special place’ for an escape. We pile into the car and barrel down the highway to a life that is more carefree and less cluttered with belongings and routines than our home life.

We switch off our mobile phones and devices, plonk ourselves in hammocks with books, take walks and swims on the beach, kayak on the lake, ride bikes, play tennis, potter around village markets and break out our ukuleles and guitars.

It’s a chance to get really off the grid, out of touch with the outside world and re-connect with life outside the social media bubble. Energised and refreshed, we head back to reality, ready to tackle it all head on once again.

Travelrscape is about the journey to find special places in Australia and the world. They might mean something to you for just a moment – or maybe forever. They’re places perhaps not found in tourist brochures but they’re places where people are going about their daily lives in places with a story to tell.  Travelrscape will capture a sense of these moments, people and places.

Share your adventures with us.

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